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Interested in music, news, or sports? To inquire about hosting your own radio show, email us, or check out the FAQs down below!

blog about music

Looking for another way to get involved in the Amherst music scene? Really want to talk about your favorite yacht rock album, but your friends don’t share your taste? Just went to a concert and you want to write about it? Look no further.

Check out the WAMH Music Blog!

bring concerts to campus

Enjoy live music, but not buying tickets? Want to plan events that draw the entire student body? Help WAMH organize on-campus concerts!


If your question isn’t contained below, feel free to contact us directly at

We take requests for two-hour shows, but the minimum show length is one hour.

WAMH holds several scheduled training sessions at the beginning of each semester, but we can also arrange appointments. At your training session, you will learn how to operate the broadcasting equipment as well as what protocol to follow when on-air. Afterward, you’ll fill out a short questionnaire to ensure you’re ready to go on air.

As a general rule of thumb, you are free to determine the music played on your show, provided that is is free of profane content. WAMH states a commitment to playing new music, defined as music released in the past three months. We therefore suggest that your show contain 25% new music. For more specific inquiries, contact the programming director.

Yes, you are free to participate in whichever aspects of WAMH you find most interesting; however, we recommend that you try hosting a show. The time commitment is consistent, and it’s a good way to become more connected to the WAMH family!