WAMH Music Blog

a new medium

Since 1942, WAMH has been the space for student-led, alternative music on campus. Shifts in Amherst’s culture and cultures of the wider music world have been captured each year in our daily student broadcasts, and we want this blog to be another way of capturing those shifts and changes.

In this space, we’ll be publishing writing about any and all aspects of music: maybe your favorite (or least favorite) musician released an album and you want to review it; maybe there’s an underrated artist you want to recommend; maybe you went to an amazing show the other weekend and want to write about it. Write about it! We want this blog to be another alternative community for interacting with, listening to, reading about, and thinking through music.

Let’s dance in the Powerhouse,

Stockholm-based artistic collective Drain Gang, is a strong force in the world of underground hip-hop today.

Olive Amdur on Waxahatchee’s covers on Saint Cloud+3, music in the pandemic, and the renewals of spring.

No one would dare to sing about intimate body parts or sexual activities before the end of culture as we know it in the mid-20th century, right? Well, not exactly.

Could a group of seventy-year-old women really release a rock album and have any success? The answer was a resounding YES.